Atlantic Industrial Technologies has the experience, technical expertise and flexibility to provide sophisticated and reliable hydraulic, mechanical and control systems for a wide variety of industries.  From prototype development through manufacturing and installation, Atlantic combines the knowledge of our expert engineering staff with the skill of our experienced technicians to provide high quality, dependable and cost effective power and control systems.

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Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas


From Upstream to Downstream

Atlantic Industrial Technologies has 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning applications for the oil and gas industries.  Atlantic has been involved in supplying systems for Exploration and Production (E&P) applications both onshore and offshore including Oil Sands and Well Stimulation applications.  We have also engineered and designed systems for refinery work as well as oil and gas transportation and storage..

All of Atlantic's hydraulic power systems can be designed and manufactured to meet your specifications, including UL listed, CSA listed, or ATEX certified components, if required.  Our talented engineering staff become an essential part of any design team and our rigorous testing and internal quality program yield trouble free field start ups.

For more information on how Atlantic can help you design and manufacture a custom hydraulic solution for your energy application, contact us at (800) 254-3131.